Teachers’ Union Boss Might Have Given Concessions To Cover Up Affair

05/21/2012 11:49 AM |

Be careful!

  • Be careful!

I think the best part of this otherwise-awful story is that Michael Mulgrew, UTF President, and the guidance counselor he allegedly was having an affair with did it in the school woodshop. Dangerous! Sexy! I feel like this would make for a great Lifetime Movie. Unfortunately, the part where he might have given up protections for teachers in order to cover up the affair is less fun. There is a lawsuit pending:

An outraged UFT chapter leader yesterday called on union boss Michael Mulgrew to step down if he traded away his members’ rights to school officials who hushed up his alleged classroom affair with a guidance counselor.

The startling accusations came in a federal lawsuit filed in Suffolk County that names Mulgrew, the United Federation of Teachers, Mayor Bloomberg and Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott.

Jeff Kaufman, a union chapter leader at Aspirations Diploma HS in Brooklyn, said he and other teachers “would expect him to resign’’ if he’s guilty.

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