The Seven Most Hilarious and/or Horrifying Moments of Geraldo Rivera’s Career

05/22/2012 12:27 PM |


Gerald Michael Riviera was born in Brooklyn on Independence Day, 1943. Loved and trusted by those who knew him, Gerald delivered on the promise of his youth, eventually earning a law degree from Brooklyn Law School and working as an investigator for the NYPD. Then, tragically, Gerald Michael Riviera, who had so much left to give us, died, only to be reborn in 1970 as Geraldo Rivera, a rookie reporter for Eyewitness News. Since then, the world has been one moustache heavier, and kind of funnier, maybe. Geraldo’s been around forever (1970), and for good reason. People love Geraldo — not the way they loved Gerald — but the way they love the craziest drunk person they know. They love Geraldo because every now and then he provides the journalistic equivalents of tripping over a trashcan, rolling around in puke, or puking in and around a trashcan and then tripping over the trashcan and then rolling around in the puke. Here are some of the finer moments of his career, including the latest egg he laid on Friday: