The Trees Are Trying to Kill You

05/14/2012 11:21 AM |


Did you read this ginormous Times piece about how the trees will get us all? No? Well, basically, we don’t have the money to make sure you won’t be murdered by falling tree limbs, so watch yourself. Or maybe you will be one of the people hurt but not killed by the trees, in which case the city will pay you millions in damages. Tree roulette! Furthermore:

Tree-care experts say the testimony and records raise broad safety questions nationally. Preventive care of urban trees has been a budget casualty from Philadelphia to Chicago to San Jose. “It’s a problem here and everywhere,” said Douglas Still, the chief city forester in Providence, R.I. “Pruning programs are being cut, not increased.”

I must congratulate chief city forester Still for not giving into the temptation to pun.