The Walkmen Go to Heaven

05/29/2012 4:00 AM |

Does the record label or anyone else care? Like, would they rather have you out touring right away?

Um… I don’t know. They haven’t complained. I have no idea.

Touring in general, has it become more difficult now that everyone has kids and wives and all that?

Yeah, you know… we plan ahead more than we used to. It used to be, like, all of a sudden you have to leave the country the next day. It’s just a little more organized now, which is nice, because it gets tiring to have to be on call all the time.

Even though you got your start in DC and now all but two of you have moved elsewhere, a lot of people still consider you a New York band. Could you talk about how the city’s scene has changed for you since you’ve been here?

I mean, I knew it a lot better when I was younger, because you just care more when you’re in your 20s and you play in all these small clubs, and you run into all these bands and you really get to know everybody whether you like it or not, because you’re in the same small club with these people every night. So I felt a lot more connected to the people when we started, because I literally knew all of them personally. The people I get to know now are from, like, Canada or the west coast or England or something, because we’re just traveling so much more. I know bands that still live in New York, but I’m not, like, in the East Village going to rock clubs all the time.