Want to Show Your Art at the Brooklyn Museum? Just GO.

05/18/2012 1:31 PM |


Do you make artwork of some sort? Do you live in Brooklyn?

More importantly, is your studio in Brooklyn? And would you be willing to open it to the public in September?

If you’d answer yes to all of the above—and if you meet a few other requirements, too—you might well have a chance to show your work at the Brooklyn Museum later this year. You can even be an important part of the whole process by registering as a voter or volunteer.

The initiative is called GO, and although it will probably entail difficult sorts of data management toil for someone, at some point, it sounds pretty easy to participate in as an artist. Just go to the website, read through the rules, send in some info on or after June 4th to sign up, then wait for September 8th and 9th. Over the course of those two days, you’ll meet and greet and so on with so many studio visitors, some of whom will be registered as ‘voters.’

Voters? Yes, not only artists will be signing up for GO. Voters will as well—so you needn’t be an artist to be part of the whole thing—and those who visit at least 5 studios will be able to nominate 3 artists for the exhibition. Once the talent (or popularity) votes are in, curators from the Brooklyn Museum will visit some artists’ studios, and an exhibition will eventually result, already slated to open on a Target First Saturday in December.

Sign up as an artist. Sign up as a voter. You can even sign up as a volunteer, i.e. a knowing local who can point people in proper directions, answer questions, distribute promotional materials and maps, recommend the best and nearest-by taco truck, and so on.

On a map-related note, although the Bushwick (Brooklyn)/Ridgewood (Queens) divide is in some sense a useless discourse, or at least a rather exhausted one, it might matter just a bit in this case.

Anyway, GO.

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