War on Brunch Part 2: The Pro-Brunch Bill

05/09/2012 11:33 AM |


Last month, the Brooklyn Paper caught wind of Greenpoint/Williamsburg Community Board 1’s attempts to shut down outdoor brunching on Sunday mornings and quickly gave it a name: The War on Brunch. News of the conflict struck fear into the hearts of men and women clutching at their mimosas, and even the Atlantic affirmed the war’s “realness.” But there’s been a new development—a treaty of sorts. The Paper reports that Councilman Stephen Levin has submitted a bill to City Council that seeks to change the city law that prohibits brunching outside on Sunday mornings.

“The legislation is in the very early stages,” Levin told the Paper. “I am still listening to all the stakeholders, including the brunching community, the religious community, and the religious brunching community.”

Meanwhile, the war rages on. Last month, city inspectors issued summons against local brunching hubs Five Leaves and Lokal for putting out tables. Several other eateries have taken note and removed their tables as well. But Community Board 1 shows no signs of slowing down their offensive—public safety chairman Tom Burrows has also urged people to call 311 if they saw people brunching outside on Sunday before noon.

Still, some local religious communities, the people the city’s restriction aims to accommodate, appear to be on the side of the brunchers.

“The notion that sidewalk dining in some way restricts, inhibits or in any other way interferes with church attendance is utter hogwash,” said Greenpoint Reformed Church Rev. Ann Kansfield.

“If there were so many church-going people in Greenpoint and Williamsburg that sidewalk seating would interfere with church attendance, all of our churches would be packed full of people,” she said. “This is not the case.” [Brooklyn Paper]

When did brunch become secular conflict of interest, you guys? Or, on Sunday morning, can’t we just agree to disagree? One day, perhaps psalms and sunny-sides up will be able to live alongside one another in peace.


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  • What kind of complete douche bag is Tom Burrows for thinking this is in any way a real issue for anyone other than haters who will never be happy in the first place? And can we find out where Burrow’s home address is so we can have a flash mob brunch on his sidewalk next Sunday morning?