Yes, Old Sport, This Great Gatsby Trailer Is Making Us Uncomfortable

05/23/2012 11:58 AM |

So is the medium the message? Is that what this bawdy piñata of a trailer is all about? Australian director Baz Luhrmann’s take on the story seems a far cry from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s reflective, flowing prose, but that probably should have been expected from the guy who did Moulin Rouge. We (maybe) see what this is going for: an excessive, hedonistic, 3D moviegoing experience, an expression of the garishness that ruins the story’s West Egg characters. Even the Kanye West/Jay-Z “No Church in the Wild” bit makes sense in this context, the rappers being fabulously wealthy (and rapping about being fabulously wealthy) themselves.

Still, it feels like there’s something exploitative, and undeniably gross, going on. Perhaps that’s the point. The American Dream is dead, everybody. Extra cheese on your movie theater nachos?

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  • Oh c’mon, were you the same people crying foul when Baz updated Romeo and Juliet to a modern setting?

    Jesus, I think canes are on sale at your local pharmacy. Get ’em before while they last.

  • Hey, I saw a movie that tried its damndest to be faithful to Fitzgerald’s plowing prose! It was also called The Great Gatsby. It came out in 1974. It’s totally horrible!

    This one, on the other hand, looks amazing to me. Spot-on casting, beautiful insane visual scheme. I don’t see the exploitation. And after the YA fan-service approach to famous books turned into movies, I’m happy for anything that doesn’t strive for pure literalization of what’s on the page.