Disco Balladeer (For Now): An Interview with Destroyer’s Dan Bejar

06/20/2012 4:00 AM |

Or like that cut scene in Apocalypse Now, when they are in the ghostly French colonial house in Vietnam?

Yeah, totally, that’s a really good example, actually.

It shouldn’t even be there, and it’s already gone, really…

Yeah, it has this aura of decadence and decay. Completely out of place, but also completely at home. I’m really into Bryan Ferry. I don’t think he is a good person, but there’s something about him as a singer that I’m pretty into these days. I mean, he’s kind of a hilarious guiding light for me.

It’s weird, his last 20 years of music making was pretty dubious, but Bryan Ferry knows where to place his voice, he’s just a natural singer. Who, of course, has made an incredible amount of bad choices.

Since he’s your model, have you become haunted by those?

I’m sure he’s not as haunted by his bad choices as I am.