Bob Mould Reveals Info for His Next Solo Album Listen to Zen Arcade

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06/08/2012 1:03 PM |


Apropos of nothing, I listened to Hüsker Dü’s Zen Arcade the other day, and yup, it’s still perfect. It’s cathartic and ambitious and doesn’t give a fuck and makes you want to scream and oh my God Bob Mould’s voice and “Turn on the News” is a great song. Even the 14-minute “Reoccurring Dreams” sounds (mostly) necessary. I bring this up not only because you should listen to the album as soon as you possible, but also because Mould is gearing up to release his 10th solo album and first for his new record label, Merge. It’s called Silver Age and it’s coming out on September 4.

Three days later, Mould will be at Webster Hall, not only playing the new stuff and, presumably, some songs from his Hüsker days, but also the entirety of the also-perfect Sugar album, Copper Blue. I really like this post-autobiography Mould—he’s no longer afraid of revisiting the past, yet enough of his former-self remains that he can’t be creatively satisfied JUST playing the old stuff.

In summary: Bob Mould, new album, perfection. Now here’s “I’ll Never Forget You.”