Bushwick Galleries Are Closing, Bushwick Daily Reports

06/29/2012 1:21 PM |

Famous Accountants, 2011. Photo courtesy of artnet.

  • Famous Accountants, 2011. Photo courtesy of artnet.

Bushwick Daily’s Katarina Hybenova has been reporting that the Life Cafe and three Bushwick galleries— Famous Accountants, 950 Hart, and Botanic— have or will soon close their doors. While there was no official reason for Famous Accountants’ closure, it seemed that both 950 Hart and Botanic have shut down due to unaffordable rents. Famous Accountants’ phone line seems to be disconnected, and they were unavailable by email during the time of this writing.

In its 30-year run, Life Cafe evolved alongside real estate issues. Last year, due to landlord disputes, owner and founder Kathy Life was forced to close the original East Village cafe, which she opened in the 1980s. History repeated itself with the Bushwick outlet, which was one of the first neighborhood cafes when it opened in 2001. It’s closing, at least for now, because her landlord has refused to extend her lease.

While Bushwick’s spontaneous nature will account for gallery rotation, we can sadly expect more of these stories to come. Check out the Bushwick Daily for highlights and captions on each gallery.

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  • Awwwww, the gentrifiers are getting gentrified out…cry me a river. Bushwick didn’t need art galleries, it needed real groceries stores, hardware stores, etc. Things people that lived there all their lives actually need. Sad to see Life go, only because it wasn’t part of the self-obsessed art crowd invasion.

  • In the words of gentrification’s leading cheerleader, paraphrasing, “Onward you go, displacable yahoos.” What’s good for the goose is good for the motherfucker.

  • Famous Accountants closed seven or eight months ago, dude.