Grizzly Bear Are Back! With a New Song! Album! Tour!

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06/05/2012 4:33 PM |

It’s been three years since Grizzly Bear released that wonderful album people still have trouble pronouncing, Veckatimest, which isn’t that long in person terms, but FOREVER when it comes to the music industry. I mean, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy hadn’t even dropped yet! People were excited about Phoenix! What were we thinking?

Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen, Christopher Bear, and Chris Taylor are slowly coming out of hibernation (sorry), though, and today they revealed that their still-untitled fourth album will be out on September 18 via Warp Records. Plus, a song! It’s called “Sleeping Ute,” and it’s just as elaborate as you’d expect a song from Grizzly Bear to be, but also more unexpectedly raucous. Plus, another plus! They’ll be playing Radio City Music Hall, their biggest NYC venue yet, on September 24.

It’s good to have you back. Here’s the track listing:
“Sleeping Ute”

“Speak in Round”


”Yet Again”

”The Hunt”

”A Simple Answer”

”What’s Wrong”


”Half Gate”

”Sun in Your Eyes”