Heroes and Heroines of Lower Manhattan

06/14/2012 1:49 PM |

Image courtesy Sanford, Schweitzer and FABnyc.

  • Image courtesy Sanford, Schweitzer and FABnyc.

Since the rainfall has let up for a few minutes (it seems) and might remain at bay for several more days (so they say), take advantage of the climatic fairness by heading to the 70 East 4th Street Cultural Center to glimpse Saints of The Lower East Side, an outdoor installation of painted portraits by artist Tom Sanford.

In this most recent iteration of FABnyc’s public art program, ArtUp, Sanford, in collaboration with curator Keith Schweitzer, presents passersby with a septivalent spread of visages to look up at—and narratives to look both up and back to—in his portrayal of historical LES figures he sees as key functionaries of the American avant-garde. A short list of Sanford’s ‘saints’ includes Joey Ramone, Charlie Parker and Allen Ginsberg. Care to divine the other four? (That might be facilitated by consulting the image above, I confess.)

Sanford’s works are already on display and will remain so until 5 September, but do take note of a reception that will be held on 26 June at FAB Cafe, at 6pm, for there you will find the unveiling of yet another exhibition (this one indoors), Our Ladies of Infamy and Grandeur, artist Graham Preston’s homage to “the exploits, undertakings and legends of lost cultural heroines from the historical Five Points.”

More information about all of this can be found on FABnyc’s website, where you’ll also find an invitation to a cocktail party next Tuesday.

Someone must have uttered a proper prayer.

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