Jens Lekman No Longer Hates New York

06/06/2012 4:00 AM |

PhotosKristin Lidell

Jens Lekman has been sorely missed. Since his last proper record, 2007’s acclaimed Night Falls Over Kortedala, the romantic Swedish crooner has been through town once or twice, and checked in with the fine An Argument With Myself EP late last year. But he’s still been mostly absent from an indie-rock moment that could desperately use his level of gracious wit and graceful intelligence. Which is why his imminent return to Brooklyn, as part of our very own Northside Festival, has filled us with such good cheer.

In anticipation of that McCarren Park show, we talked with Lekman,
still at his office in Gothenburg, Sweden (where “dark clouds are coming in to block out the sun”). We touched on his now-shelved feud with New York City, his season-based band-building strategies, the notable specificity in his lyrics, and the new record he just finished. Inevitably, it all comes back to heartbreak.