Kings County Comes to Brooklyn!

06/07/2012 4:00 AM |

Are there any acts in particular we might not be familiar with that you’re excited to share with the rest of the world?
SB: I’m not sure we’re breaking anything super-new, in these initial episodes anyway. Some good bits, though.

KA: It’s not so much the particular acts—every one of which, needless to say, is super-mega-fantastic!—as it is the whole mixture and context, I think, that has a chance to become something cool.

What are your favorite spots in Brooklyn right now to:
A) Eat
SB: Roberta’s. Love it in general, and then I was lucky enough to try the tasting menu once. Holy. Shit.

KA: What he said. Also: La Vara and The Good Fork.

B) Drink
SB: I’ll say Sheep Station because I just had a nice drink there a few nights ago. But nothing beats the Bohemian Beer Hall in Queens. Which is where I live. There, I said it. DO YOU HEAR ME, L MAGAZINE?

KA: I tend to drink at home. When I don’t, I go with old favorites a short walk from where I live, real dives (like Montero’s) and faux dives (like Brooklyn Social).

C) People-watch
SB: Dekalb Market on Flatbush. Close second: Coney Island boardwalk.

KA: Brighton Beach. And Joralemon Street between Clinton and Court, in order to see if it’s visually discernable, as I read last week in the New York Times, that 70 percent (!) of the incoming freshman class at Packer Collegiate Institute, where my kids went to school, are now Manhattanites.

D) Read a book
KA: Green-Wood Cemetery.

SB: What a what?

The first installment of Kings County will feature comedian Franchesca Ramsey co-hosting with Kurt Andersen, along with comedian Kurt Braunohler and musical guests Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl, aka The Ghost of the Saber Tooth Tiger. Galapagos Art Space, 7pm, June 10, 16 Main St, DUMBO. Doors open at 6pm, $10.