Martin Amis Thinks Women Write Better Sex Scenes

06/13/2012 11:57 AM |


Martin Amis—Brit, Booker winner, son of Kingsley—thinks ladies write better literary sex scenes:

“As a novelist you are in a God-like relation to what you create. You are omnipotent and the question of potency is embarrassing for men. It is the great hidden weakness in men, that potency can fail, and it’s not something that troubles women… So once a man is writing a sex scene he’s feeling omnipotent and he’s forgotten about all those fiascos and no-shows. But women don’t, and they write better about it.”[The Rumpus]

I dunno, Marty, on the one hand, the winners of the Bad Sex in Fiction award are overwhelmingly male. On the other had, I’ve got about fifty shades of counter-example right here on my Nook.

One Comment

  • Men lust for sex first, then love second. (I said ‘lust’, mind you :-)) Women dream of love and sex simultaneously, regardless of their lust. Animals don’t dream. Bow, Wow, Wow.