Republican Wins Brooklyn Senate Seat

06/01/2012 2:07 PM |


After months of contentious hand recounts, a winner has been declared in the special election to replace disgraced former state senator Carl Kruger: Republican candidate David Storobin, a lawyer, has won by 16 votes out of 22,000, the New York Times reports. His opponent, Democratic Councilmember Lew Fidler, conceded yesterday, Sheepshead Bites reports.

The race marks the second time in less than a year in which a Republican won a seat in southern Brooklyn, once solidly Democratic like the rest of the borough. Allegiances have been shifting down there. “Russian and Orthodox Jewish populations have been trending hard to the Republican Party in recent election cycles,” Brooklyn Politics reported last year, while “Irish and Italians [in southern Brooklyn] were already with the GOP.”

“Mr. Storobin will go to Albany with just three weeks left in the current legislative session, and his term will not last much longer,” the Times reports. “The current 27th District”—which covers neighborhoods like Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Bergen Beach, and Sheepshead Bay—”will no longer exist come January, because the lines have been redrawn.” Despite the short term of office, the election cost the state $1 million.

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