Sex Party Ruined By Nosy Security Guards

06/21/2012 10:30 AM |

This guy is what happens when you google image search sex party.

  • This guy is what happens when you google image search “sex party.”

A party hosted by School of Sex, a club that regularly hosts such things for attractive and/or rich people, was busted up by the security of the SoHo Mondrian this weekend. Bummer!

The evening, which kicked off with a lingerie photo shoot, was just beginning to transition into the swinger portion of the program for couples who paid $100 apiece for an invite when the interruption occurred.

Guests, who were refunded their money, complained that they were being photographed and followed to their rooms.

“They noticed there were a lot of attractive people — one of whom was a celebrity,” he said. “We insisted this was a private event … It’s not appropriate when you have people’s identities that you want to protect.” [NY Daily News]

OooOOOoooo, a celebrity! Who was it, was it Ann Curry? I bet it was Ann Curry. Anyway, in case you care about the hotel’s side of the story, they claim the party was loud and nobody told them an orgy was going down:

A Mondrian SoHo spokesman confirmed the party was shut down, and one of their security guards denied that any pictures had been taken. A hotel source told the Post that the organizers had falsely booked the event as a “photo shoot/documentary.” There were music and noise issues, and hotel security wasn’t allowed in to investigate: “But hotel staff noticed the ‘guests’ were in various different stages of undress and positions, so they were removed from the hotel. The swingers then tried to carry on the party in two other rooms they had booked for hair and makeup, and were completely removed from the hotel.” [Gothamist]

Honestly, if you are a schmancy hotel in SoHo, I think you’d be well served to just assume EVERY photo shoot booking is actually a sex party and work backward from there.

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