So, About Kanye West’s “Mercy” Video

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06/06/2012 2:12 PM |

Is this how things work now? I mentioned Kanye in a post about Grizzly Bear yesterday, and today, he released the music video for “Mercy,” his collaboration with G.O.O.D. Music labelmates Big Sean and Pusha T, as well as about-to-explode 2 Chainz. If so, Kanye, could you please bring back the bear? I miss that guy.

Anyway, unlike “Mercy” itself, which at least counteracts its ridiculous braggadocio with some impressive rhymes, the video is pretty fucking goofy. Shot in black and white, the four rappers, as well as Kid Cudi for some reason, spit verses in a parking garage, with a Lamborghini and not much else to keep them company. And then they start self-cloning.

Yeah, I’m not sure, either, but hey, at least the song’s good and the G.O.O.D. Music compilation, Cruel Summer, should be out sometime in the next month or two, too, assuming Kanye doesn’t get distracted by laser pointers again.

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  • The car in the video is a GALLARDO!!!!!!!!!!!!! not a Murcielago as he says multiple times in the damn song!