The Brooklyn Food Power Rankings

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06/20/2012 4:00 AM |

Photos Matthew Leifheit

There’s never been a better time to eat out in Brooklyn,
where comfort-food staples are prepared with well researched back-to-nature classicism and respect, or innovative foodie flair—or both. The same holds true for ethnic foods, where long-refined skill meets all sorts of new influences. So, in a borough so spoilt for choice of everything from salad to dessert, what is there to do but argue over who does it best?.



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  • About the tacos: this is sort of ridiculous. Williamsburg? Carroll Gardens? Have any of you heard of Sunset Park? Mexican food is even better when you don’t eat it in a neighborhood where everyone’s a trustafarian.

  • I love SkyIce. Best Salted Caramel anywhere. Haven’t tried the black sesame seaweed, but i’m sure it’s amazing. They make the weirdest sounding combinations taste so good. You just have to try them.

  • Best Burger: Skinflints, Bay Ridge order with sauteed mushroom on the side

  • Ever notice that most of the “reviews” in this magazine are odes to mediocre bars and restaurants in either Carroll Gardens, Prospect Heights, Park Slope, or Williamsburg?

    The editors must not pay reviewers for subway fare.

    At least with those orange boxes everywhere, I don’t have to buy toilet paper…

  • @Guest
    Well, we could start running vicious takedowns of old diners in Gravesend, I guess. Please don’t hurt your ass on our magazine.

  • What a relief not to see Pie and Thighs on here. Anyone else think it’s totally overrated?

  • @Jonny Diamond
    Care to explain how the food critics from the Voice and Times — both Manhattan based — manage to cover the rest of the borough without resorting to “vicious takedowns of old diners in Gravesend”?
    If you’re going to write exclusively about yupster Brooklyn, why not just include that in the title?
    PS Might want to look into some spam detection filters for the site’s comments.