The CBGB Movie Has Cast Its Iggy Pop and Patti Smith

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06/05/2012 2:12 PM |


While the Max’s Kansas City movie continues to not exist, the CBGB movie, cleverly called CBGB, has been picking up famous actors and actresses to play the venue’s more famous guests as fast as one of Johnny Ramone’s signature non-solos. (It’s Internet law that every blog post about CBGB must include at least one reference to the Ramones in the first sentence.) We already knew that Rupert Grint (“Ron Weasley”), Alan Rickman (“Professor Snape”), and Malin Akerman (“Not in Harry Potter”) had been cast as Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome, club owner Hilly Kristal, and Blondie frontwoman/coolest person ever Debbie Harry, respectively, but now we have our Iggy Pop and Patti Smith, too. Taylor Hawkins, who drums for the Foo Fighters, will play the Stooges singer, even though they never played at 315 Bowery, while Mickey Sumner, best known as Francesca from Showtime’s The Borgias, has the honor of portraying Patti Smith. (Johnny Galecki, of Roseanne fame, definitely not that OTHER shitty show of his that’s currently on CBS, is also in the movie, as Television mentor Terry Ork.) Make Bradley Cox your Tom Verlaine, and I might actually believe this could be good.