Where to Watch the Euros: The 10 Best Soccer Bars in Brooklyn

06/08/2012 11:20 AM |


Here at The L, fans of soccer (me, maybe some others… no idea) and fans of daytime drinking and tomfoolery (me and everyone, definitely) watched with dismay as legendary New York soccer bar Nevada Smith’s was kicked out of its location. Brooklyn, though, has taken up the mantle for keeping New York tuned in to the world’s most popular sport, and as the European Cup 2012 rolls around, we’ve found the best places for you to take it all in.

Ross Greenberg’s Prospect Heights footy bar earned an L Mag award a ways back for ‘Best Soccer Bar For People Who Don’t Know Anything About Soccer,’ and that still holds. One of Brooklyn’s most popular soccer destinations, Woodwork has a welcoming atmosphere for dedicated fans and casual observers alike, and their $3 beers, food specials, and Euros-themed giveaways will keep all comers in high spirits. Vanderbilt Avenue at Dean Street

Banter Bar
The fans running Banter Bar show that they have some of the most soccer spirit this summer with their incredibly well-planned Euro 2012 offerings. Of course you can go watch all the games (including replays in the evenings for non-hooky-playing workers), but how many other bars will have a beer for every nation in the tournament, including liters, weird British soccer stadium food, all while continuing to keep their delightfully cheap happy hours during matches? Check their Twitter and Facebook to find about their free giveaways and beer specials, too. 132 Havemeyer St.

Iona is best-suited to cater to the up and down rollercoasters of euphoria and crushing defeat that any soccer fan is familiar with. For your highs, there’s the indoors bar with dozens of beers on offer where jazzed up crowds of soccer hooligans have been known to get rowdy. After your team loses on penalties, the backyard beer garden is the place to cool your head in the shaded seating areas while you play a relatively lower-stakes game of ping pong. 180 Grand Street

Berry Park
The north ‘burg bar has a lot of space and plans to use it well: expect two (yes two) 10’ minimum projection screens in their downstairs area for live broadcasting. If you miss the live casts, come back 7 & 9pm weekdays or 6 & 8pm weekends for replays, and you might even take in a sunset over the Manhattan skyline at halftime on the spacious rooftop beer garden. 4 Berry St.

The Black Swan
Bed-Stuy gets the ‘football’ treatment at this hugely popular Bedford Ave. spot. Yes, there will be drink specials; yes, there will be free giveaways and prizes; yes, there are HD TV’s nonchalantly scattered around the space. The crowd is passionate, the neighborhood is happening, what more reason do you need to go? 1048 Bedford Avenue

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