Your Wasted Summer With Artworks and Artists

06/13/2012 9:01 AM |

A prediction of your summer as depicted by Jan Steen.

  • A prediction of your summer as depicted by Jan Steen.

Okay, it’s not exactly a series of open bars, but if you were to invest wisely and attend frequently, it could rank as a highly economical—and arguably highbrow—way to get drunk a number of times this summer.

That’s probably not their primary pursuit in the whole thing, but it could be yours. Or that could be a sweet fringe benefit of it all.

‘It’ what? ‘They’ who’?

It’s Summer Art Pass, available for purchase through Artlog. Full details and purchase mechanisms are here, but the basics are as follows:

— A dozen or so arts-related visits, parties and receptions, as well as a few other gatherings, scheduled throughout the summer. Galleries, museums, neighborhoods and so forth. From gala affairs and VIP evenings, it seems, to art crawls and film screenings.

— Drinks everywhere, apparently all gratis, if “free and delicious drinks at every stop!” bears any resemblance to truth.

If it does, skip the $75 ticket-for-one and get the $100 ticket-for-one plus unlimited +1.

Then abuse the hell out of it with a fine friend in tow.

And call it performance art.

Someone probably will.

So, parched yet?

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