Are You a Young Brooklynite Who Has Sex and Likes to Write About It?

07/16/2012 3:23 PM |


As terrified as I am of the emails we are going to get, we here at The L Magazine are looking for a young Brooklynite who goes on dates, has sex, and is willing to write about the whole sordid mess. If this is you, please send us a brief bio, charming cover letter, and links to your smart, funny, angry perfect writing (SEND TO:


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  • Man, good luck finding those.

  • What happened to Audrey?? 🙁

  • No worries about Ference. It sounds more like they want more Kat George exhibitionism, not sex advice. It is a time-honored tradition of New York magazines: give a 22 year-old her own sex column in exchange for tawdry disclosures, then sit back and watch the traffic spike.

    In the 1990s it was novel enough to build a career on, which is why we are still cursed with Amy Sohn from time to time. Thankfully those days are over.