Haphazard Evaluations on a Random Sample of the Brooklyn-Sweden Songwriting Finalists

07/26/2012 2:05 PM |


First came the navel-gazing magazines, then the “Brooklyn” coined plate of spaghetti on Denny’s menu, not to mention all The Times trend pieces filling in the masses about Wythe Avenue. Now comes the next step in Brooklyn’s Manifest Destiny, in the form of an all-Brooklyn music festival. In Sweden. The project of Brooklyn Brewery and Swedish concert promoters Debaser, Brooklyn, Sweden (the festival is literally called “Brooklyn, Sweden”) will export the borough’s best and brightest bands to the land of blonde hair over Labor Day weekend. So, we’ve got Blonde Redhead, The Hold Steady, Cults, Crystal Stilts, Phoshorescent, Dum Dum Girls, DIIV, Twin Sister, Caveman and more, packing their bags and heading overseas. Add in beer and food close to Kings County’s heart, and Swedes are in for an all-Brooklyn sensory experience, minus the stench of the Gowanus Canal.

The nice folks at Brooklyn Brewery want you to join them, but there’s a catch: a contest, in which contestants were tasked with writing a song about the infamous G train. The top 10 finalists were announced today, so we took the liberty of evaluating a random selection of them, noting the highs and lows of each. Consider it as a handy voters’ guide, maybe? But be sure to check out all the finalists here and cast your own vote because our opinion actually really doesn’t matter. Subjective journalism! And with that, here we go. Judging hats: on.

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