Live: Beach House Played Central Park, Lots of People Gently Swayed

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07/24/2012 2:20 PM |


Typically when you see a band live, even if it’s one of your favorite bands, there are certain songs you want to hear more than others. It speaks to the amazing consistency of Beach House, who played a rainy, lightning-assisted sold out show at Central Park’s Summerstage last night, that that rule doesn’t apply to them. Sure, you want to hear “Other People,” from this year’s five-star album Bloom, but no more than “Walk in the Park” or “Troublemaker” or even “Gila.” Beach House has a remarkable ability to play similar-sounding songs that don’t blend together — their entire discography is made up of smoky, atmospheric, murky pop songs that build on anticipation, and live, not much changes. Hair-flipping pro Victoria Legrand occasionally stretches a word out or sings softer than she does on the album, and certain songs have more of a bounce to them (“Used to Be” in particular) but for the most part, the Beach House you hear live is the Beach House you hear at home. Good thing the songs are so goddamn good.

Also, a whole lot of people swayed.

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