Post-Iggy: Six More Best Coast Collaborations That Need to Happen

07/09/2012 1:00 PM |


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The way Iggy Pop and Bethany Cosentino’s duet “Boot and Rally,” properly unveiled on last night’s episode of True Blood, melds greasy, revving guitars and surf-riding punk is worth a listen. Each artist still manages to sound like their signature self while playing off the other, and it winds up really sticking to your guts. It may not be the perfect song—lyrical genius isn’t exactly on display in its three minutes, nor is the world’s most complicated melody—but it does what it set out to do. And so here we go: six more artists Cosentino should collaborate with, hopefully in time for the song to debut at Best Coast’s Terminal 5 show next week.

The Donnas – The Donnas, forever gunning at a harder, sharper version of prototype punks like The Ramones; Best Coast echoing the Beach Boys in their happy days; the two groups overlapping on key points: devotion to their influences, punk-divaness, and really liking boys. Plus, bloggers would have a field-day with stupid references to “the ultimate girl group.” It’d be fun.

The Shins – Some would roll their eyes, it being a little too meat and potatoes for these two to hook up after each releasing their most mature, melancholy records to date. The result would be primed for a Target back-to-school commercial: inoffensive, and extremely pleasant.

Those Darlins – Bethany wants to be country, she make it a point telling the press in regards to The Only Place. Her voice—warm and rounded and always slightly sad—suits the vision well. Touring partners Those Darlins want to be country too, kicking the genre into high gear with reckless, punk-leaning energy. There they are, all traveling around together on the tour bus. Get to work, ya’ll.

Kitty Pryde – Here we imagine something in line with that Converse plug Bethany did a few summers ago with Kid Cudi and Rostam from Vampire Weekend, chock-full of references to pop culture and, well, Converse. But this would definitely be about boys and never make it past the Internet.

Wavves – We haven’t heard much in regards to Twitter’s power couple in some time, which has us worried. Maybe a new duet (one already exists, if you recall) would help rekindle the fire. (We’d also really like to see her work with Ty Segall, for whatever that’s worth.)

Stevie Nicks – The go-to choice, given Bethany’s on-record obsession with all things Fleetwood Mac. Think of all the tweets we’d out of it, from her and from us.

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