So You Wanna Be a Writer? It’s Easy, Just Move to New York City, Says List

07/31/2012 2:52 PM |


Last week, music-and-lit blog Largehearted Boy pointed us to this, a list of the 10 best cities for aspiring writers. Criterion for the rankings were fairly loose, left up to the general amount of “professional positions” available in respective cities, as well as the amount of readings, workshops, festivals and other bookish events within one’s reach, to determine how much a locale caters towards the poor, sad hearts of writers.

The top slots have been distributed pretty much as expected, meaning dear New York is in at number one—we have lots of agents swarming about, a strong presence of publishing houses, the Pulitzer Prize, yada yada—with London closing in at a seemingly close second. The remaining ranks are a little bit more surprising, however: Reykjavik, Iceland and Norwich, England are in the mix, as is a place in Wales that I never heard of before, but, upon Googling, learn that it’s often referred to as “the town of books.” Now I feel dumb.

As they say, if it worked for Carrie Bradshaw, it can work for you! And this concludes today’s segment of “Inspiring New York Tales.”

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