“Timeshare Backyard” is a Thing Now

07/10/2012 1:35 PM |

A mock up of the backyard

  • A mock up of the backyard

As NYC urban dwellers, the fierce adoration we share for our city is rivaled only by our desire for greener pastures—literally, some nature to play in. The Participation Agency is working to address that with the city’s first “timeshare backyard.” That’s right, starting this weekend, a patch of suburbia can be all yours for an afternoon on the Lower East Side, on Ludlow Street, between Orchard and Rivington. The yard is rent by-the-hour, and includes all the necessities: BBQ grill and coolers, hammocks, lounge chairs, hula hoops, and of course, squirt guns (duh). You could split the $100 hourly fee among your 30 guests and have yourself a pretty sweet little Saturday.