10 Electroclash Songs That Still Hold Up in 2012

08/08/2012 10:50 AM |

Vitalic – “La Rock 01”

It was a prominently European sound that just happened to appeal to the metropolitan instincts of Metropolitan Avenue. As such, some of the very best electroclash singles came from all corners of the old country. A French lean towards harder dance sounds was to be expected. Vitalic’s 2001 single, “La Rock 01,” had a hedonistic throb that let it slide into like mixes seamlessly. Coiled and ready for the moment, late in the night, when everyone just needed to lose it. (See the utility of sub-genres located in actual, physical spaces? Spaces with people in them??)

“Poney, pt. 1”

And just for kicks, might as well mention its more overtly Daft Punk-y b-side, which got fully Internet-famous upon rerelease a few years later, due in no small part to so…many…airborne…pups! Daft Punk had just gone disco in 2001, you’ll remember, so we needed a new old one.

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