10 Electroclash Songs That Still Hold Up in 2012

08/08/2012 10:50 AM |

Peaches – “Tombstone, Baby”

But that sound, of course, needed some sex. The Teaches of Peaches, with its SO WHAT, FUCK YOU version of sexual empowerment, is a must-listen. (Those of you enjoying both the profanity and general bounciness of Azealia Banks these days should probably dig it out.) But songs like “Fuck the Pain Away” and “Lovertits,” as cool as they still are, caricature themselves with their extremity. It just made them too easy to write off. And while outsized, aggressive sexuality is a huge part of Peaches’ story, there were other notes Merrill Nisker could hit. “Tombstone, Baby” from her sophomore record, Fatherfucker, is Suicide made sexy, and my favorite thing she ever recorded.

Here’s a live version from a few years later, just to note her ahead-of-her-time DIY Lady Gaga vibes.

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