10 Electroclash Songs That Still Hold Up in 2012

08/08/2012 10:50 AM |

Ellen Allien – “Trash Scapes”

Ellen Allien, a German DJ who founded the BPitch Control Label, was always an unlikely mainstay on these electroclash comps, having at least a foot in glitchy, sometimes pleasure-denying IDM. And while her masterful 2003 record Berlinette goes well beyond the electroclash norm, she found a way to make continual disruption into that relentless pop thump on at least a track or two. “Trash Scapes” key lyric: “the past is a late train to unknown trashscapes” is kind of a haunting to me now, given the rocks of pop junk we now know the rest of the 00s were waiting to turn over.

* Also, though I wouldn’t call it stylistically relevant to this discussion, The Cure guitars she snuck onto Berlinette‘s closing track “Open,” bringing that faraway, California-highway-at-dusk feeling, seem wildly influential now. (HOW SAD lil’ Natalie Portman looked in the video!!!)

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