A Labor Day Playlist: 13 Songs About Work

08/31/2012 11:49 AM |


Ah, Labor Day Weekend: America’s last chance to do summer right: it may have been introduced by labor unions during the Industrial Revolution, but these days the holiday is mostly just an excuse to throw one final barbecue. Here at The L we take barbecues very seriously, and everyone knows a good party needs an even better playlist. So we made this one. Remember, these songs are not just the soundtrack to your day drinking. These are 13 songs that celebrate our working class heroes and to commemorate the blood, sweat and tears that exemplify the working condition. Also, there’s Loverboy and Cam’ron. So go forth! Enjoy your Labor Day. Wear every piece of white clothing you own (before it’s too late!) And above all, don’t work too hard.

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