Awful People Are Trying to Sell Their Colbchella Tickets for Large Sums of Money

08/09/2012 12:32 PM |


Just wanted to take a moment to double-confirm that people who turn to Craigslist to rid themselves of their concert ticket surplus tend to be big-time jerks who maybe don’t have a lot of friends and need to fill the void with money?

Not surprisingly, when Stephen Colbert announced his vaguely naval-themed music festival last week—lovingly dubbed the “StePhest Colbchella ‘012 – Rocktaugustfest”—the 1,500 free tickets released on his website went in a blink of an eye, leaving an awful lot of people scrambling. (Grizzly Bear are among those playing, and people in this city really love Grizzly Bear.) While hijacking prices for an in-demand show has become the norm, I’ve never seen anyone asking for upwards of $100 for a ticket that cost zero dollars, which is a thing that is happening right now on Craigslist for tomorrow’s event. Look below to see the scuzzbuckets in action.

And for those in peril, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep an eye on Colbert’s Twitter page today, as they’ve periodically been giving away tickets leading up to the fest. Hold on hope!




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  • These tickets were ‘free’ in the sense that a golden ticket inside a Wonka bar is ‘free.’

  • I think the writer is confusing the word “awful” with the word “pragmatic”.

    PS a real journalist would never use the word awful in a headline. 😉