Barack Obama’s Art Collection

08/28/2012 10:13 AM |

President Barack Obama and artist Frank Stella

  • Photo by Richard Frasier
  • President Barack Obama presents artist Frank Stella with a 2009 National Medal of Arts award.

As we parade into election season, any second spent thinking about anything other than politics seems downright un-American. Keeping that in mind, don’t be surprised if our listicles over the next few months have a surprisingly political bent. Don’t you want to know Mitt Romney’s favorite artworks? Well, you’ll find that out next week. This week, we take a snapshot look at the White House’s art collection. When Barack Obama first took office, there was a flurry of excitement surrounding which artworks he would add to the White House. What do these works tell us about Barack—and Michelle? Well, it’s hard to tell, so we paired each painting with a quotation by one of the Obamas. Read through this slide show and you’ll almost certainly learn something about the presidential couple you didn’t already know.

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  • No homage to Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, to the Sooners,the explorers of the west as depicted by Bierstadt, the beauty of the Hudson Valley, the stunning depictions of this great land by T. Moran; where is the industrial revolution depicted and the incomparable achievements of true American. Lost in his taste for art is history which is ignored for popular replications of work which have been classified as art by a rich,elite,oligarchy of self absorbed charlatans. When the world’s “best art critics” cannot distinguish between the fake or real splattering and drippings of paint by a five year old and those of the regal,godlike Jackson Pollock the fraud of the entire field becomes evident. When silk screens of Campbell soup cans become art, Barack Obama becomes president and all values are lost.

  • Mr. Faller’s dyspeptic remarks stand as an objet trouvé worthy of being added to the White House collection. I suggest hanging it over the toilet.

  • Now, now, don’t fret Mr. Faller. I’m sure next week’s piece on Mitt Romney’s collection will satisfy all your needs for predictability and revisionist art.

  • What a stellar collection of inspiring American artists!