“Best of Brooklyn” Appendix A, Best Brooklyn Band Signed to a Manhattan Record Store’s Label

08/02/2012 12:15 PM |


With just 64 pages of a biweekly culture guide to reveal the best of Brooklyn, there’s bound to be some overflow, which brings us to this. It’s time to announce the winner of the Best Brooklyn Band That Is Signed to a Manhattan Music Store’s Record Label. That band would be Ex Cops and that store would be Lower East Side taste-making temple Other Music, who, under the guise Other Music Recording Co., launched an imprint for Fat Possum this spring. Congratulations to all involved on the medal-winning team.

Ex Cops excel at creating an all-encompassing mood and shifting it across a spectrum. It can lean towards dark, even threatening; “S&HSXX” sounds like the soundtrack to England’s Industrial Revolution according to Danny Boyle. “The Millionaire” seems to let go of consciousness; it’s subdued, maybe even sedated, but always beautiful. Then with debut single “Broken Chinese Chairz,” the prominent shoegaze influences wash out into sunny 60s pop while co-singer Amalie Bruun momentarily sounds like a happy Nico. We’re excited to see what mood they put us in next.

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