But, Beck, I Don’t Know How to Read Music Notation, and I Don’t Even Own an Ukulele

08/08/2012 3:37 PM |

Im confused.

  • I’m confused.

Beck’s gradual growth from slacker poster child to celebrated musical chameleon and guy who always wears neckties takes a big leap forward with today’s announcement that his next album will be released solely as sheet music. A book of it, with a hardcover carrying case and song-specific artwork. And ukulele notation, but only “when necessary.” And no MP3 download codes… you people (me) are so lazy these days.

Referencing the 20 tracks that make up Beck Hansen’s Song Reader, his first full-length “album” in four years, the press releases teases, “If you want to hear ‘Do We? We Do,’ or ‘Don’t Act Like Your Heart Isn’t Hard,’ bringing them to life depends on you.” Or! The bloggers with enough time on their hands to learn, play, record and upload each track to YouTube, to whom I tip my hat. (And also the readers and select musicians filming live renditions to be posted on McSweeny’s.) Very much looking forward to doing nothing but clicking a button on my laptop and hearing those when the time comes, presumably in December to coincide with Song Reader‘s release.

You remember when Beck used to just sing about beer cans? That was so 90s of him.

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