Dear Animal Collective, Your Music Videos Are Frightening, Love The L Magazine

08/17/2012 12:15 PM |

We’re awfully fond of the Avey Tare who’s a pal to puppies, but if the new video for “Today’s Supernatural” is any indication, that’s not who we’re going to get on Centipede Hz. This Avey Tare dresses up as the clown from It and leads a band that splatters, intensifies, regurgitates and has a strong affection for dismembered limbs—the latest step in what seems to be an ongoing process of distancing themselves from the uplifting whirlpool sounds of Merriweather Post Pavilion. We think we’ll like this version too. We can’t be absolutely sure about this until Sunday night, though, when the much-anticipated album makes its world debut on Geologist’s portion of Animal Collective Radio. Remember to tune in here at 9pm so we can all talk about it on the Internet come Monday.

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