Drugs Now Being Smuggled to New York In Candy, Empanadas

08/08/2012 12:31 PM |


Narcotics agents have reportedly busted a ring of smugglers attempting to get heroin and cocaine into New York by hiding them in sesame candy and empanadas.

An official called the techniques of the smugglers, who hail from Ecuador, “extremely sophisticated.”

Police also confiscated around 11 pounds of narcotics worth around $30,000, some of which were also hidden in chocolate bars, chocolate candy, and sugar cookies.

Additionally, they had soaked documents that were supposedly diplomas from a scuba diving school in liquid cocaine.

In other words, none of our favorite yuppie amenities — foreign candy, frivolous certifications — are safe from this scourge. Next time you think about buying freshly imported south American fro-yo right from the delivery truck, run a few tests first. That shit could be laced with PCP.