Hercules and Love Affair FINALLY Perform “Blind” with Antony

08/07/2012 2:50 PM |

In 2008, after years of half-steps like disco-punk, and disco-Daft Punk, the indie underground fully warmed up to disco proper. It was due mainly to the year’s objective best single, “Blind,” by New York DJ Andy Butler, who’s still writing and performing as Hercules and Love Affair with a rotating cast of fluidly gendered vocalists. They finally got the monster single’s famous guest singer Antony to take stage with them, just last night, at London’s Meltdown Festival. The collective performed it for the first and only time (so far), backed by a live horn section, an extra soulful singer or three, and a whole room shouting along. It still sounds terrific. This is absolutely screaming for an NYC date to make up for the home town slight. (POUT!)

The onstage preamble might be as charming as the performance, too. It’s so nice to see Antony, usually such a tragic opera diva in performance, exhibiting his loose and easy sense of humor.

(Also, heart the “THIS IS SPECIAL” guy in the crowd at 1:38. May he give our internal concert monologues voice for years to come.)