How Well Does Japandroids’ Super Summer Anthem “The House That Heaven Built” Translate Into a Folk Song?

08/17/2012 2:37 PM |

Now imagine it with an acoustic guitar.

  • Now imagine it with an acoustic guitar.

Quite well, actually. In the hands of Beat Radio, a project resting on Long Islander Brian Sendrowitz’ blend of spacey and grungy folk, it becomes suited for back-to-school bedtime hour. (Your classmates? Don’t worry about them. “When they love you, and they will…”) The super-ultra-awesome rousing chorus of Japandroids’ original is now laid down over a bed of acoustic strumming with Sendrowitz’ slight drawl smoothing out the strains. It’s tender, and comforting, and a soft blow to the system: summer won’t last forever, let you forget. Listen after the jump.

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