Old Guy Doesn’t Understand How Young Girlfriends Work, Sues

08/07/2012 11:00 AM |

Guess which one is him

Antonio Calenda, an Italian director, is suing his ex-girlfriend for the cost of the condo he bought her. Apparently, despite the fact that he is rich, 50 years older, gave her cash throughout their relationship, and offered her a zero-interest, zero-payment “loan,” he doesn’t really get why should would consider the condo a gift.

Calenda, who lives in Rome and has been separated from his wife for a decade, does not dispute he gave her pricey gifts at the start of their affair.

But he insists the 795-square-foot, one-bedroom unit on West End Avenue wasn’t one of them.

When Diamond-Walker asked Calenda for help purchasing the condo, the director insisted on two things, Fitapelli said: that the money be a loan, and that they have a written agreement.

They signed the agreement last July, and she closed on the condo in September.

“Several months” later she “suddenly severed” the relationship, court papers show.

Diamond-Walker repeatedly told Calenda that she considered the $775,000 a gift and “would never repay” him, according to the lawsuit.

Their written agreement requires no payments until December 2018, when the entire amount is due. As a gift, Calenda charged no interest — a nicety he has since withdrawn.
[NY Daily News]

Yeah, hi, you can’t buy yourself an indentured sex servant, not even with Manhattan real estate. His complaint isn’t “she promised she’s start paying me back and then didn’t,” it’s “she implied if I bought this for her, she’d keep having sex with me for at least five years.” If you’re dumb enough to drop three-quarters of a million bucks on your much-younger and clearly interested in your money girlfriend, you don’t get to get all lawsuity when things don’t work out. C’mon guy. Them’s the rules of gold digging.

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  • He doesn’t get why she considered the condo a gift because they have a written agreement, signed by both parties, clearly stating that it isn’t. No doubt he made her sign it for exactly this reason. If you’re smart enough to get it in writing, of course you file a lawsuit when thngs don’t work out.

  • Silly old bugger. Should have just rented her a place. That way she’d stay on the hook.