Silent Barn Prepares to Move Into Its New Brooklyn Home

08/28/2012 2:29 PM |

Just your typical Silent Barn living room party of yesteryear with Bradford Cox

  • BrooklynVegan
  • Just your typical Silent Barn living room party of yesteryear with Bradford Cox

After a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $40,000 to help offset the incorrigible damages of last year’s break-in, the collective behind DIY venue Silent Barn is closing in on signing a 10-year lease on their new digs, and crossing the borough lines from Queens to Brooklyn while at it, the Village Voice reports.

If all goes as planned, they’ll be transforming two next-door buildings off the Myrtle-Broadway J and M stop into a multifaceted DIY haven, with space allotted for shows, offices, studios and apartments. The 10,000 square-foot space (which, to compare, is larger than this), boats room outdoors for the “Silent Yard and Garden,” which sounds like a place we’d like to hang out. If you, too, want to hang out there, or perhaps live there, or open a place of business there, or are just a person with good ideas of how a huge arts space in Bushwick could be used, you’re urged to get in touch here.

The wheels are already spinning, as apparent on the project’s website, with plans for a community garden and something called the “fish bowl”—essentially artist studios with transparent walls to create easy onlooker access from the public—and are already “entertaining subleases for a barbershop/record store, an electronics company, painters and a print studio.”

But perhaps the most exciting part of all this is that according to Silent Barn spokesperson Lani Combier-Kapel, the troop could be throwing shows in the new space as soon as a few weeks. “Some people say two weeks, some people say two months,” she told the Voice. While this is all going to demand a lot of money, of course (build-out costs are estimated at $35,000, and that’s on top of monthly rent and an initial deposit), the future for Silent Barn looks awfully bright.

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