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08/09/2012 1:24 PM |

Sweet Valley
rivers face value

Fans looking for King of the Beach redux can search elsewhere. Instead, try DJ Shadow in reverse on mushrooms.
— http://consequenceofsound.net/2012/08/album-review-sweet-valley-stay-calm/#

Think of an 8-bit lava lamp dipped in that Fun Dip sugar, and you’ll have an idea.
—http://diffuser.fm/wavves-nathan-williams-sweet-valley-total-carnage/ “Total Carnage” Drake Baer

The whole record feels more baked than batch of cookies, but the back half is particularly stoned. “Eight” might get you a contact high. …

In other words, it’d be perfect musical accompaniment for a brief skateboarding video, but that just reminds me of an actual skateboarding video soundtrack made by Odd Nosdam a while back that did most of this stuff with more finesse and range.

It justifies its appearance as a flicker on your Twitter feed, but as 22 minutes of our finite time on planet Earth that could be used to call your mother or finally finish that grad school application…

If you wanted decent music for a party or a smoke session, well this still fits right in.

This song [total carnage], like most of this release, was made for days cruising around with the windows down. It is, in every essence of the word, chill.

“Malibu Games,” a stuttering J. Dilla-inspired beat that feels more than a little like watching sunset on the beach, an inevitability that leaves no one knowing what to do, especially when it’s still so nice out.

The tape is called Stay Calm and (not surprisingly) the first track, “Total Carnage,” feels like driving along the Pacific Coast Highway with your head out the window after taking a bong hit to the face.
— http://www.thefader.com/2012/07/18/wavves-to-release-instrumental-mixtape-on-fools-gold/ Frances Capell

While “Total Carnage” itself won’t get rowdy and throw up all over your mom’s new couch, it should keep things interesting at your next pool party.
David Greenwald

What ever is left of this summer can be found in this record.