We Talk to (Actual) Gallery Girls. Episode Two: “I’m a walking inspiration.”

08/09/2012 12:16 PM |

Image courtesy of Bravo

  • Courtesy of Bravo

Look out! Come August 13th, Bravo will have dropped a bomb on the “cutthroat world of gallery girls” with its much-hyped “Gallery Girls,” an entire docudrama about gallery interns and young New York entrepreneurs. They’ve even cast a token artist.

Before we all get swept up in Bravo’s version of what it’s like to be 23 in New York, we’ve asked a few actual interns to fill us in on the actual throat-cutting. This week’s spotlight is on “loud and proud” Mixed Greens intern Kelsey Zalimeni.

If you were chosen for “Gallery Girls,” what parts of your day do you think Bravo might edit out?
About 90% of my time on the job. All I do is contact entry and inventory. No one wants to see that.

Where’s your apartment? Do you live alone?
I live in Stuytown on the Lower East Side… they pretty much replicated my dormitory community from college so I feel right at home; down to the last swoop-haired, pickup-basketball-playing frat boy.

What do you eat for lunch?
Most days I bring whatever ration has made it through the week (i.e. half an apple from the fruit cart man or the bagel my roommate left in the fridge- shhhh)

How often do you have run-ins with the warring UES/BK factions?
Never… I’m both unworthy of UES girls’ presence and not hip enough to smoke cigs in Willyburg with BK chicks.

Which Sex and the City character made you interested in art? If not Sex and the City, then what?
Screw that show. I consider myself a hybrid between Blair Waldorf and Anastasia Steele. I’m a walking inspiration.

How many art parties are you averaging per week?
SO MANY! Watching through the window counts, right?

How far do you travel for the job? Miami? Venice? Milan?
I’ve been to China[town], [Little] Italy, and Jamaica.

When will your father finally buy you a gallery?
When he gets a job.

How often do you speak Chinese at work?
Twice a week when I call in my order for VietChina Wok’s $4.99 Lunch Special.

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