Your New York-Centric Guide to Fall 2012 Album Releases

08/15/2012 2:33 PM |

Fall: Lets do this.

  • Fall: Let’s do this.

With every droplet of sweat that rolls off our brow, every whiff of garbage baking in the sun, every rained-out SummerScreen, we become more ready for fall. To make it that much more enticing, New York bands are pulling out all the stops for this year’s annual spree of autumn record releases, perfectly synched with the back-to-school college crowd needing to impress one another with impeccable taste in music. For a rundown of what’s on the horizon from local bands, take a look after the jump. (Release dates are subject to change and all that small-print stuff). Oh, hey, Vampire Weekend, we’d be more than happy to make you a spot on the list. New album maybe, please?