10 Great Late-Career Records

09/18/2012 2:10 PM |

Smug with good reason.

  • Smug with good reason.

Today was the release date of Dinosaur Jr.’s 10th studio album, I Bet on Sky. It’s their third straight solid record folowing a reunion that once seemed Smiths-level improbable for the hilarious levels of inter-band bitterness that once existed. (You can stream it in full at NPR, right now.) Their twilight renaissance is the latest in a growing list of artists who’ve released vital work well past the blush of youth that pop and rock n’ roll were formed on presenting. Even in the midst of an Internet hype machine that overly prizes the new and novel, Neil Young’s old paradigm of burning out versus fading away seems improbably quaint. Especially in a diminished music industry where the bar for success has been drastically lowered and self-sustaining cults form up on their own, their members scattered across the world.

So, to tip our caps to Dinosaur not becoming dinosaurs, we give you another ten pieces of work produced by an old master’s extended prime. (And we mean, late-career. Only material released a full 20 years after an artist’s first were considered.)