A Taste with a Tastemaker: Contessa Stuto

09/11/2012 3:02 PM |

The Long Island native nightlife and real estate wunderkind tells us about NYFW, her event at The Out, and all the outfits and she’ll be donning in between.

And what are your eating right now?

Well, right now, you can never go wrong with coconut water.

Always good, hydrating.

Also got my New York style kettle chips, jalapeno flavor. I always get those. And then I got a free soda with my sandwich (I don’t wanna miss out on the free), so I got a Sierra Mist Natural. And then I got a salsalito turkey with chipotle gouda cheese bodega sandwich.

Bodega sandwiches are fantastic.

I’ve been living off them to be honest. I live in Bed-Stuy, so it’s either fried chicken, chinese food or a sandwich, really.

Favorite place to eat?

Tortilla Factory at Starr Street off the Jefferson L and Los Hermanos. I’m used to doing real estate in Bushwick, so I eat in Bushwick. I was stressed out from sewing all day, so I went to Los Hermanos last night.

Mexican food can cure anything.

Yeah. I then I went to Circo Pastry Shop on Knickerbocker for an iced coffee afterwards. I could talk about food all day.

What keeps you energized during fashion week?

Coconut water. And coffee. Ugh, I’m an addict. I wish I wasn’t. Here’s another thing. The only thing to make in my fridge is almond milk and coffee. There’s nothing in my fridge.

You go out all the time?

I eat at bodegas (laughs) Well, I’m moving so I don’t really…

What are you wearing for fashion week?

I’m just going to be the little vixen that I am and I’m just wearing mesh for sex appeal because my party is called Boss Bitches and it needs to be dominating Boss Bitches clothing. Obviously I have goth swag, you know what I mean? I was always goth my whole life, so… I bring it into fashion.

What parties are you planning on crashing?

I am not that girl. (laughs) I’m not that fashion girl you know? I’m just a downtown person, so if I’m not invited, I don’t need to go. I’m definitely not a FNO girl, but if I was I’d go to Patricia Fields, that’s always a good look, Patricia Fields’ night out. Um, that’s really it. I’m too busy thinking about my party.