A Taste with a Tastemaker: Contessa Stuto

09/11/2012 3:02 PM |

Can you tell us about your your party?

I’m throwing a party called Boss Bitches Night Out (scenes from the night below)because I’m throwing it with 2 other amazing women. Dai Burger—she is going to be performing Patricia Field’s Fashion Night Out. And Jungle Pussy, who’s this, like, Foxy Brown/Lil’ Kim of the streets. She’s very major. And then I have Johnny Nelson performing and he loves women. So, I’m doing a little bit of a runway show. It’s going to be like couture, hand-sewn, seven-piece collection. I have people like Dosha Devastation of House of Ladosha modeling for me. Then I have E-Money, who dances for Azealia Banks modeling for me. A lot of downtown faces. It’s a little last minute, so I can only hand-sew, what I can hand-sew, you know. My machine broke, so fuck it. But hand-sewing is fun, it’s therapeutic.

S: In an ideal world, what would you like to see in your Fashion Week gift bag? What kind of swag do you want to give out?

Vibrator. (laughs) If I have the money. Um, dammit.. Vibrators, peace sign necklaces and the bible. (laughs) I’m kidding! And the bible…

It would just tie together really well. What music would you have the models walk down the runway to?

Heavy metal or it might be live music. I might have a live performer.

Any specific live performers?

Well the people who are performing at my party. Or it might just be me, Cuntmafia.

What is your must have item? Like, do you need comfy shoes, your camera, coffee… your cellphone..

I need an assistant. Do we like that answer?

5 song playlist for NYFW.

Basically anything from the Nine Inch Nail’s Pretty Hate Machine album. I have../ Let’s look at what I recently played… Well, I guess The Damned by the Plasmatics. What’s Up by Audio Push. Fuck on Cocaine by DJ Caffeine.. (laughs) I’m being funny. .

If you could be ushered around in any vehicle, what would it be?

Oh, on this block, there’s a limo company and they have these like 1980s, 1990’s Rolls Royce Limos, it would be that!

Three reasons to love dressing for Fall?

Well, plaid. fur, you can never go wrong with that. And I’ll be creative and say corseted leather.

Three reasons to hate it.

When you have to wear the inevitable puffy down jacket. You know? Can’t mix heels with snow. Gotta wear like, winter boots. Um, oh my god, I can’t have my tits hanging out. Can’t have low cut cleavage. Got to cover my chest!

What are you wearing right now?!

So, well I’m wearing this dress I got for 10 bucks at the SXSW American Apparel outlet. It’s not that I would ever really promote that, it’s just that it’s a slut dress and you can’t go wrong with a slut dress. My dog collar that I got at the thrift shop. I wearing leggings from the McQueen for Target line that I got in a Salvation Army in Harlem. And then I’m wearing a Nine West sneaker wedge. I got them when I went to court, and then my mom and my aunt wanted to go see a 9/11 exhibit and I was like “I cannot walk around in these heels,” so I got myself sneaker heels.