Actual Coney Island Bikers Are Re-Making The Warriors

09/19/2012 1:27 PM |


Rarely, if ever, are remakes and sequels cause for excitement (or even mild interest), but for this, we can make an exception.

With help of several local motorcycle clubs (including members of the Metal Militia, God’s Only Demons, Filthy mad Dogs, Dukes, and They’re Fucking Crazy), Coney Island filmmakers have made a short “remake” of the beloved 1979 classic The Warriors.

“We try to [re]make ‘The Warriors,’ but everything goes wrong, it goes chaotic, haywire. The real outlaw biker world gets wind of it and wants to stomp out the production,” explains actor/director Eric Rivas of the short film, entitled Lost in Coney Island.

Things go awry, as they so often do, and the production soon finds itself under siege from fictional gang the Benaton Boys, and the film crew is framed for defacing a biker hangout.

“Sometimes, it’s like life imitates art,” Rivas’ character says in the movie. “It’s almost like, before you know it, the movie is real. I’ve seen it happen before, bro, it’s weird.”

So yes, this project sounds more or less perfect.

You might even say we can “dig it.” You just might.

Lost In Coney Island screens this Saturday, 9/22 at the Coney Island Museum at 4 p.m. Admission is $7.

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