Holograms’ 5 Favorite Things Right Now

09/07/2012 10:45 AM |


This week’s edition of Holograms, who have just made their way to American soil from Stockholm’s blue-collar punk scene for the first time this week. When it comes to what five things have been helping them cope with life on tour so far—a life that once left them down 3,000 euros, stranded outside of France, and nearing poverty—they seem, understandably, focused on basic essentials, not so unlike their music: blunt, severe, hot-tempered punk shot through with frigid new-wave synths. After Tuesday night’s stop at Mercury Lounge and subsequent sprint to North Carolina for the Hopscotch Festival, they’ll be back in our neck of the woods tomorrow for what promises to be another epic sweat fest at 285 Kent—the type of venue that hard-knock punk was made to be played in. Hydrate accordingly.